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A lot of POWER is hidden in emPOWERment!

What do you associate with terms like girl power, black power, flower power…? Which other terms like those before can you think of? Who does John Lennon address when he sings “power to the people”? And what story does the song Sister Rosa tell?

The term empowerment was already used during the 17th century. Back then it meant: to equip someone with authority. Today the term describes autonomy and self-determination and can be applied to the life of individuals as well as communities.

Empowerment encourages people to define and design their lives themselves. Recognize your strengths and resources and become aware of the POWER within you! The one who recognises their strengths has a confident appearance, makes their own decisions, and takes life into their own hands. Empowerment encourages to realise one’s own ideas and dreams.

Empowerment encourages people to face problems and solve them. To take responsibility over one’s own decisions and actions.

Empowerment encourages people to advocate for themselves. People, who advocate for themselves, can distinguish between just and injustice, they are aware of their rights, and they know how to stand up for them and demand them for themselves as well as for the community.

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