Stage of the project



  • to raise awareness on the importance of active participation and active citizenship
  • to boost the creative energy of young people in order to create promotional materials (videos, posters, leaflets) on active citizenship
  • to create an engagement in participants
  • to help participants decide on the final product
  • to focus on youth perspective
  • to empower participants’ ideas, perspectives and working strategies in order to develop working strategies


  • 5 to 10 per group
  • 180 minutes
  • Materials: paper, flipcharts, pens

Learning Outcome

  • Reflection on active citizenship
  • focus on young participants’ perspective
  • empowering youth on decision making and on the chosen topics



Trainers choose some topics the participants will focus on (topics related to active citizenship).

Step 1

Trainers divide the participants in groups and explain the topics that they should focus on.

After that, the trainers give a task, a topic and a type of promotional/presentation material each group will work on (poster, video, leaflet), explaining that they are free to use their creativity to do the task, how much time they have, and that in the end they will have to present their product in front of the whole group.

Step 2

Leave the group to work on the task for 1.5/2 hours (research and working plan)

Step 3

Each group present their final promotional material by presenting it in front of the group. For this part each group have 10 minutes

Step 4

At the end of the presentation of each group, there will be brainstorming on the topics, on what was good, what could create more engagement and on the importance of active citizenship.


Adapted from:   Training course Active Europeans for Active Citizenship“, Belgrade, Serbia, March 2016