Session 3 – Promoting cultural understanding

Stage of the project

Working phase


Building awareness of:

  • One-cultural relations as a bonding power between members of a community
  • Multicultural/intercultural relations as an expanding power across communities


Group work, presentation and reflection

Learning Outcome

Understanding the role of shared values in relations with others


1. Lead-in (10-15 min.)

  1. Group work of 6-8 participants

🡪 Trainer writes on white/smart board, values.

🡪 Trainer asks participants “Find a pair; a value and its opposite/opposites.

🡪 trainer stimulates brainstorm by writing an example e.g., forgiveness   versus    hate/revenge

🡪 Each group writes their pair-words on board/smart board.

2. Presentation (30 min.)

“We need values to bond with our communities by”:

  • reducing conflicts in relations between members of the network/cultural group
  • ensuring the safety of the group
  • protecting the group’s interests

(Trainer supports the presentation by examples e.g. “The value, forgiveness, keeps us away from harming the group by hate and revenge).

3. Reflections (10-15 min.)

“Choose a value that you find ideal and reflect on why it is important for a certain network/cultural group.”

4. Recap (30 min.)

In plenary: “Share your reflections with the group.”