Dealing with conflicts: Don´t let me be misunderstood

Stage of the project

Working Phase


  • reflect on differences and misunderstandings


  • room which is big enough to act and move around
  • chairs
  • paper and pencils

Learning Outcome

  • strengthen communication skills
  • strengthen ability to reflect


Warm up (10 Minutes)

participants criss-cross the room and follow instructions for their movements:

  • go over red-hot sand
  • wade through the swamp
  • go through a high corn field
  • Gravity is increasing more and more


Discuss in group:
What does misunderstanding mean?
Find illustrative examples.
How come misunderstandings?

Gibberish (10 Minutes)

Two players improvise a discussion using a fictitious language – they show different emotions.

Story telling

Working in small groups (3-4 persons)

What misunderstandings have happened to you in life?

Write down a misunderstanding that has happened to you or that you have observed.

Stage the story together – use Gibberish to express yourself and to communicate with each other.

Possibility: find different endings to the story

Feedback and Reflection

Feedback and common reflection on different stories

  • Reflect on process of staging: how did you find the story, how was your discussion about staging, how did you work together etc.
  • what did you observe? What happened?
  • How did a misunderstanding arise?
  • What possibilities are there to clarify the misunderstanding?
  • How could the misunderstanding be resolved?
  • ….