Session 2 – Promoting group-spirit and room for the individual

Stage of the project

Working phase


Understanding culture as one of three elements of our unique individual-identity and our group-identity:

  • Universal
  • Limited to the group/cultural
  • Individual


Brainstorm, presentation and group work

Learning Outcome

  • Appreciating all participants as one young group regardless cultural backgrounds
  • Appreciating each participant as a unique young individual with a unique life experience regardless cultural background


1. Lead-in (10-15 min.)

Group discussion, 6-8 participants:

  1. Introduction:

“Culture is one of three levels that create the way we think and act:

    1. The universal level. For example, we all speak a language.
    2. The cultural/multicultural level: for example, we all practice and follow certain norms in our relations.
    3. The personal level: For example, each one has their own fingerprint.

Find other examples of the three levels.”

(Trainer monitors the groups and helps by eliciting examples.)

2. Presentation (45. min.)

  1. Divide the white/smart board into three columns enlisting the following_
    1. Inherited universal human nature:
  • A need to be with others
  • Feeling love, joy, fear, anger etc.
  • Ability to create, learn and communicate through a very complex code-system (language)
  • Curiosity to understand communicate about our life and our environment/universe
    1. Acquired group culture
    2. Individual personality:
  • The individual’s inherited physical features e.g., eye colour.
  • The individuals acquired life experience in one or different cultures

3. Recap (10-15 min.)

Group work:

  1. “Reflect on and find examples of how culture regulates both our social human nature and our individual personalities.”
  2. “Share your reflections with your group.”