Session 4 – Promoting cultural understanding

Stage of the project

Working phase


Building awareness of:

  • culture as a uniting power between members of a network/group
  • multicultural and intercultural relations as an expanding power across communities


Pair and group work, presentation and mini project

Learning Outcome

Appreciating cross-cultural relations


1. Lead-in (10-20 min.)

  1. Pair-work:

“ask and write down how many networks your partner is a member of.”

  • Trainer posts examples i.e. friends, people who speak the same language etc.
  • Participants post networks on white board.

2. Presentation (45. min.)

Trainer highlights the following:

  1. We play different roles in different networks, e.g. siblings, classmates, family
  2. Different networks exist in different environments e.g., classroom, home, hometown
  3. Different networks supply us with different needs and interests e.g., a sense of identity and belonging.

3. Mini project (60 min.)

Groups of 6-10 participants:

  1. Make charts over:
  • the shared benefits of the peer-network from the diverse resources,
  • the desirable values and behaviours in the peer-network,
  • the norms all members of the peer-group.


No. 3 can be a one-day project with more activities and more ambitious outcomes.