Shared Space

Stage of the project

Prephase: Clarification


  • find a final subject
  • define common working plan


  • post it´s, pencils, flipchart

Learning Outcome

  • active participation
  • communication skills
  • collaboration skills


Come together – Warm Up

Games to warm up like: Zip Zoom Boing, Water plant, space race

Set up group and group agreement for ongoing process

Collecting ideas (Ideastorm)

Brainstorming (Post its) – to a bigger topic – e.g.: living together in this city

Find subjects

Cluster ideas (Mapping) – Discuss ideas in smaller groups (also 1:1 possible) – come back to plenary and gather issues – find common subject with the group (in bigger groups could be diff. subthemes or aspects)

Next steps / Timetable

Plan the next steps (visualisation)