Be Creative Together

Stage of the project



  • To allow participants to express their personal desires, objectives and preferences
  • To create a commitment around a common project
  • To let participants get to know each other
  • To encourage people to work together on collaboration strategies and proposals


  • 18-36 participants
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Materials/equipment: big space (outside/inside), Post-it, blank paper, tape

Learning Outcome

  • Achievement of a collective proposal about a common subject
  • Creating interest on the project
  • Allowing participants to get to know each other


Step 1 (15 minutes)

Ask the participants to create a personal form with:

  • The activities they like most or they are good at (using 1 post-it per activity)
  • Their skills (using 1 post-it per skill)
  • The challenges they think they could face (using 1 post-it per challenge)

This form will be the tool with which they will connect with the others.

Step 2 (35 minutes)

Once the personal forms are ready, the “market” starts;

Round 1:

  • Each participant will stick their form in their chest and will go around the room for 20 minutes to meet the others and look for possible collaborators. They will have to create a first group of 3 persons with whom they will elaborate on a subject proposal based on their commonalities.
  • When groups are set, give to each group 15 minutes to discuss and create a new form that will be their collective proposal.

Step 3 (35 minutes)

The “market” starts again;

Round 2:

  • Each group of 3 has other 20 minutes to connect with 2 other groups to finally create a group of 9 persons, with which they will create another proposal (a new one or an adjusted one).

Step 4 (15-20 minutes)

Once the groups have elaborated their proposals, give 15-20 minutes to those final groups to share their ideas and brainstorm on them, in order to get a clearer idea of what they could do together and to arrive to a final proposal including the possible subject and the linked activities.


Adapted from:  Dynamix Workshop, Association VIA BRACHY : Voyages Interculturels Solidarité Autoformation