Educational institutions 2

Stage of the project



  • Recruitment of youngsters. (25 peers. Total number of peers: 50)
  • Recruitment of the minority group eg. Refugees, young migrants, young people from diverse backgrounds


  • Contact educational institutions eg. language schools, secondary education, vocational training centre, tenth grade centre etc.
  • Contact principals, chief of education, guidance counsellor etc.

Learning Outcome

  • Get knowledge of the common reasons for students to join a programme eg.:
  1. First-hand knowledge about their new home country
  2. Speaking and practice language with a youngster
  3. Being friends with a youngster from different communities
  4. Youngsters to do spare time activities with etc.



  • Handouts
  • Pamphlets or PowerPoint presentation (depends on the youngsters)
  • Pictures of peers to show
  • Invite a peer from diverse backgrounds to join


  • Pre-information event
  • ‘Drop in’ eg. at the coordinator’s office


Level of spoken second language (Danish, English, German etc.)


  • Networking is essential
  • Build a relationship if possible
  • Make a safe space
  • Recruitment should be done throughout the period of the project from the end of 2019 to January 2021