Teambuilding activity – Lining up

Stage of the project

Working phase


  • Working together towards a common goal


  • groups of 5 or more people
  • time: 10 – 20 minutes
  • material: none

Learning Outcome

  • participants who haven’t met prior to the project lose fear of working together
  • participants find out who they work well with
  • participants discover how to achieve a common goal through teamwork



Step 1: Trainers prepare a list of criteria based on which the participants should line up, for example:

  • date of birth (month and day)
  • alphabetically by first name
  • height
  • shoe size


Step 1: Trainers explain the rules as follows: “Please form a line based on your date of birth. You are not allowed to speak during the activity. However, you may use any other type of signal like nodding or shaking your head, showing numbers with your fingers, etc.”

Step 2: Participants do the activity. Trainers observe that participants respect the rules.

Step 3: Once all the participants stand in line, verify the correct order by asking the participants for the information required.

Step 4: If desired, repeat with other criteria (see above for suggestion).


After the activity trainer facilitates a reflection exercise about the activity. Questions for discussion could be:

  • Did everyone respect the rules?
  • Who took the initiative?
  • How did people take the initiative?
  • Were all ideas taken into consideration?
  • How did the participants make decisions nonverbally?
  • Was everybody actively involved in the activity?


  • The activity could be done with only one criterion or with various criteria depending on the time available.
  • In order to make the activity more difficult, the trainers could impose more restrictions, for example:
    • have participants line up by height (blindfolded)
    • have participants line up by shoe size (blindfolded and/or no speaking allowed)