Referral Agencies/Intermediary Parties

Stage of the project



  • To reach potential candidates
  • To recruit 50 participants for the programme
  • To advertise the project and its learning outcomes
  • To increase the dissemination channels of the project


  • Online: email
  • Callings
  • Before the start of the programme

Learning Outcome

  • Recruitment of participants
  • Publicising the project
  • Reaching most suitable candidates for the programme



Trainers/coordinators prepare the email with:

  • brief description of the project;
  • description of the training and its learning outcomes;
  • description of the users’ profile (age, skills, ..) we are looking for;
  • description of the step-by-step procedure to enroll in the programme


Once the email is prepared, the trainers/coordinators start sending emails/making calls to local referral agencies, such as:

  • migrants’ associations
  • youth associations
  • schools/universities
  • youth voluntary associations
  • NGOs


Referral Agencies/Intermediary Parties should be selected keeping in mind the users we are looking for and those who they work with.

After the emails/calls, it could be good to arrange a face-to-face meeting between project’s trainers/coordinators and coordinators/representatives from the Referral agencies for possible clarifications or better explanations. (it could be proposed during the calls/emails)