Empowering Questions

Stage of the project



  • to invite people to ponder, consider, open, notice, discover how this project will empower them
  • connect to the participants’ needs and desires
  • consider new perspectives


  • group of 6 or more
  • time: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Material: handout with examples of empowering questions to lead conversation, flipchart & paper for each group

Learning Outcome

  • Reflection on empowerment
  • Understanding of one’s own goals and gaining perspective of others



Step 1: Trainers prepare a handout (handout clarification) with prompting questions (sample questions provided but selection to be made by trainer)

Step 2: After step 1, split the participants into groups of 3.


Step 1: Trainer introduces the concept empowerment.

Step 2: Give the handout to each participant and let them read over the questions.

Step 3: In an open, but guided conversation, have each group discuss the questions and write down key words.

Step 4: Have one person from each group present their group’s key words with the flipchart. On a board, tape them up next to each other.


Trainer leads a discussion to create a collective understanding of empowerment and the steps this project will take to strengthen it. Discussion questions:

  • What are the commonalities across the groups?
  • What new perspectives did you learn?
  • How can we work together to strengthen self-empowerment?


  • As this is a big and conceptual topic, the trainer should be actively participating to guide the participants. It’s important to facilitate a conversation and make sure everyone’s opinion is voiced.