What Can I Do Well?

Stage of the project



  • Participants of a new group get to know each other
  • To make participants collaboratively find a common goal – brainstorming activity


  • groups of six or more people
  • time: 15 minutes self-reflection, 15-20 min together
  • material: – stack of postcard sized paper (4 for each participant)
    • one pen per person
    • tape or magnets
    • whiteboard & markers

Learning Outcome

  • Participants collaboratively find a common subject for the project (core activity they want to work on together)
  • Raise an interest in each other among the participants



Step 1: Trainer writes on the board “What can I do well?” Give some examples to make the exercise clear.

Step 2: Trainer gives each participant 4 postcards and pen.


Step 1: Each person writes down 4 things they are good at

Step 2: Each participant comes up one by one and tapes their postcards to the wall

Step 3: Together with the trainer, they try to make categories to see which topics go together

Step 4: Trainer leads discussion on what the group has in common, what do they collectively enjoy/what can be the activity of this project

Step 5: Choose a common subject and discuss what kind of activity can be linked to that


  • Reflection should lead to a chosen subject – it needs to be something the participants can actively create (for example, if they say they’re good at cooking, they could make a cookbook)
  • Trainers should encourage all kinds of ideas, not just simple actions
  • Think big – what’s the purpose of finding a common subject
  • How can the participants learn from each other?