Ice breaker – Getting to know each other

Stage of the project

Working Phase


  • participants of a new group get to know each other
  • to make participants curious to find out more about each other


  • groups of six or more people
  • time: 20 – 30 minutes
  • material: – a list of questions (to be prepared beforehand)
    • one pen per group
    • one sheet of paper per group

Learning Outcome

  • participants get the first information about each other
  • participants find out things they have in common
  • raise an interest in each other among the participants



Step 1: Prior to the activity, the trainers prepare a list of questions for the participants, for example:

  • How old is the group?
  • How many siblings does the group have?
  • How many pets does the group have?
  • How many children does the group have?

Step 2: Trainers provide a sheet of paper and a pen for each group


Step 1: Trainers divide the participants into subgroups of 2 – 5 people

Step 2: Members of each subgroup get together in one area of the room (ATTENTION: Make sure there is enough space for the subgroups to work separately on the one hand but that they remain close enough together so that all subgroups can see each other on the other hand.)

Step 3: Trainers explain the rules of the activity

  • Trainers read out a question
  • Subgroups discuss the question and agree on an answer (discussion phase)
  • Subgroups write down their answer on a sheet of paper
  • Each Subgroups presents their guesses
  • Trainers verify the information by checking with each participant

Step 4: Do the activity


  • Questions should refer to interesting and quantifiable information
  • The activity is more fun if the trainers join in giving the same information that is required from the participants
  • In big groups it may be a good idea to use an acoustic signal for the end of the discussion phase
  • It may be a good idea to limit the time of the discussion phase
  • Make it clear that participants need to include their own group (and the trainers) in their guess