Work-Part, Study-Part, Activity-Part/Brainstorming

Stage of the project



  • To find out participants’ interests and expectations.
  • To plan together a common programme.
  • To make participants to get to know each other;


  • 5-15 participants
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Materials: flipcharts, pencils, sticky dots

Learning Outcome

  • Achievement of a common subject and programme
  • Allowing participants to get to know each other



Trainers/coordinators write on flipchart: “Work-Part”, “Study-Part”, “Activity-Part” (one each flipchart).

Step 1.

All participants write their interests/expectations in each flipchart, focusing on:

  • What type of work they would like to do;?
  • Which themes they would like to work on.
  • What kind of activities they would like to do;

Step 2.

Once everybody has finished, individual interests and proposals are read out and collected from the trainers/coordinators.

Step 3.

The collected suggestions are now weighted/voted through sticky dots (it’s up to the trainers to decide how many dots received by each participant counts).


The trainers/coordinators should write down and consider which things are compatible with the Project’s aim and with the project’s core concepts and what has already been prepared or agreed with/for the Project.

A final brainstorming on the most voted ones is useful in order to find a common subject and make all participants part of the final decision.


Adapted from:  SCI – Service Civil International, Games and Exercises – International Workcamps and Seminars, Bonn, 2015